Medical and Educational Books

I have written 13 books- three are now in the editorial process

Books Medical and Health Writing

Alzheimer’s Disease-Chelsea Press-2008

Target: high school, college, and lay audiences
Contents:Nature of AD including genetics, treatment, and future research

Stem Cells

Stem Cells Greenwood Press, 2007

Target audience: Students and lay audiences
Contents: Scientific background and ethics

Gene Therapy - Greenwood Press 2007

Target audience: College students and lay
Contents: Scientific background and ethics

For sample chapter- click here

Obesity- Greenwood Press 2006

Target: Students and lay audience
Contents: Physiological, psychological, and social aspects of obesity

The Skeletal System Greenwood Press 2004

Target audience: Students and lay
Contents: Physiology, history, and diseases of this system

Coping with Schizophrenia Rosen Press 2001

Target: Teenagers Contents: Signs, symptoms, and coping strategies

World of Genetics Gale 2002

Target: Medical Professionals and student researchers
Contents: A two-volume encyclopedia- wrote 20 articles and researched art work

Science and its Times: A Seven Volume Encyclopedia on the History of Medicine Gale 2000

Target: Interested readers
Contents: Wrote 100 articles on the history of medicine

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Confronting Alzheimer’s Disease ArcMesa 1997

Target: A continuing medical professional course (CME) for Professionals

Gene Therapy and the Future of Molecular Medicine Arc Mesa1998

Target: A CME for professionals

in production

Encyclopedia of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Greenwood- in production
A two-volume encyclopedia focusing on all aspects relating to ADHD

Enslow in production
Target: High school and college

Tuberculosis and Other Infectious Diseases
Enslow in production
Target: High school and college

Education and Other Publications

Legal Basics: A Handbook for Educators Second Edition Phi Delta Kappa Foundation (PDK) 2006

Target: Educators
Contents: Covers all aspects of school law in understandable terms

Left-Handed Students: A Forgotten Minority PDK 1996

Target: Educators
Contents: Effects of handedness on students in the classroom

Memory Enhancement for Educators PDK 1994

Target: Educators
Contents: Practical guide to improving memory

Dealing with Death: A Strategy for Tragedy PDK 1990

Target: Educators Contents: Stages of grief and dealing with it in a school situation


Weather: A Hand-on, Minds-on Approach Denison, 2000

Target: Teachers and students in grades 4-5
Contents: Activities and lesson plans dealing with weather

Biotechnology: Teaching Module from Modern School Supplies 2000

Target: Science Educators
Contents: Teaching a module on biotechnology as a hands-on activity

Katarina Witt: A Biography Chelsea, 1999

Target: Middle grades

Older Women and Leadership   Delta Kappa Gamma, 1997

Target: Members of Delta Kappa Gamma



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