For Professional Scientific and Medical Audiences

Genetic Engineering News

  • “Bioinformatics Strives for User-Friendly Tools” October 1, 2001
  • “Drug Delivery Advances” June 15, 2001
  • “Novel Antisense Therapies Target mRNA” May 1, 2001
  • “Enzymes for Drug, Food, and Consumer Products”  February 1, 2001
  • “Confocal Microscopes”
  • “Biofirms Report Progress in Spinal Cord Research” October 15,1999
  • “Innovative PCR Techniques” May 15, 1999
  • “Researchers Advancing Bioploymer Systems” May 15,1997
  • “Biotechnology Scientists Modify Enzymes for Cost-effective Industrial Applications” March 1, 1996
  • “Novel Molecular Toxicology Methods Discussed at Meeting” March 1997

Drug and Market Development (D&MD Newsletter)
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  • “Huntington’s Disease: Crown Jewel of Genetic Research” January 2002
  • “Autism” 1/15/02
  • “Trends in Investigations of Parkinson’s Disease”  July 2001
  • “Apoptosis Mechanisms”  April 1, 2001
  •  “Apoptosis: Implications for Drug Development and Therapy” October 2001
  • “Nanotechnology: Implications for Drug and Market Development”  October 2001
  • “Novel Investigations in Spinal Cord Regeneration Research” March 2000
  • “Progress in the Understanding and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease”  September 1998
  • “Stroke Research and Advances”
  • Epilepsy Research
  • “Alzheimer’s Update”2/15/03
  • Nanomedicine
  • Migraine
  • “Fibromyalgia”
  • “Osteoporosis”
  • “Female Sexual Disorders”
  • "The Business of Obesity"
  • "Asthma"

Cardiology World News

  • “Physician response toe mass cholesterol screening” September 2001
  • “Hostility as a coronary heart disease threat”
  • “Fibrinogen: Major new heart disease risk factor”  October 1990
  • “Evaluating PCA in cardiac transplant patients”
  • “Multivessel angioplasty: Safe and Effective” December 1990

AIDS Patient Care

  • “The Search for a Rapid HIV Test” February 1990

BioResearch Monitoring Alert

  • “Varied IT Systems and excessive paper seen complicating GCP compliance, Schwetz and LePay tell SOCRA attendees” October 2005
  • “FDAer Urges trial sites to be “gracious hosts, even faxing map and directions” Oct 2005
    “Copernicus Group IRB rep outlines better consent-form writing” October 2005
  • “OHRP eyeing guidance on incident reporting, IRB review of web sites” October 2005
  • “Researcher sees bias against mentally ill in studies; argues for placebos” April 2004

Modern Drug Discovery

  • “Asthma” July 2004
  • “The Tangled Brain: Searching for Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease” May 2004
  • “The Murmuring Heart: Mitral Valve Prolapse” September 2001


  • “Building a Win-Win Partnership” November 2004

Orthopedic Technology Review

  • “Mini C-Arms: Little Giants of Microscopy”
  • Contemporary Senior Health
    “Uniform Nursing Home Screening” Summer 1991

Conference coverage:

  • Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) Lake Buena Vista FL October 2005
  • American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons 2/17/1995
  • Fourth National Symposium on Biomedical Considerations in Human Subject Research, University of South Florida, March 2004
  • Symposium “Exploiting Enzyme Technology for Industrial Application” 1996 Lake Buena Vista, FL

Scholarly Paper:

  • “The Elderly in the Sunday Papers: 1963-1983”  Educational Gerontology, 1985

For Lay Magazines and Young Adult articles

World and I

  • “Pain” A Focus on Relief” November 1989
  • “Tummy Troubles: Causes and Cures” January 1989
  • “A Vital Long Life” April 1988


  • Science and Its Times (History of Medicine) Gale 2001
  • Young People’s Encyclopedia Encyclopedia  Brown Reference, London for Marshall Cavendish 2006
    • “Aging”
    • “Anxiety Disorders”
    • “Birthmarks”
    • “Dermatitis”
    • “Dementia”
    • “Disabilities”
    • “Eating Disorders”
    • “Infectious Diseases”
    • “Metabolic Diseases”
    • “Parasitic Worms”

Encyclopedia entries Encyclopedia for Young People  Brown Partworks, London, 2001

  • “Aquaculture”
  • “Fibers”
  • “Touch”
  • “Vitamins””Psychology and Psychiatry”
  • “Population”
  • “Hydroponics”
  • “Monocotyledons”

The Later Years

  • “How to talk with (not at) older parents” July 1989
  • “There are safe places to express anger”  1989
  • “Silent Sadness: Coping with hearing loss” January 1988

Regional News papers

Get Up and Go

  • “Gene Gallant: Has he the curse of Aquarius?” September 1998
  • “Gene Snoopers Threaten Privacy: An Interview with Representative Cliff Stearns, June 1998
  • “A Community for Billy”, April 1998
  • “Hydroponic Tomatoes: Ralph Murray Grows Plants without Soil,” April 1998

Senior Times

  • “Life in the Deepfreeze: Voyage to Antarctica”, May 2006
  • “South Africa Surprises: Gold and Diamonds in Them Thar Hills April 2004
  • “Sitka Alaska: Island of Natural Beauty and History” May 2004

Mature LifeStyles

  • “Great Expectations: Grandparenting (Mark Victor Hansen)”, November 2006
  • Art Linkletter: Grandparenting is not for sissies”, October 2006
  • “Art to Bark For” April 2006
  • “Florida’s Beleaguered Black Bear”, November 2005
  • “Ocali Country Festival Shows Life in the Good Old days”, December 2005
  • “Terri Gore: An Old-fashioned Country Doctor,” November 1997
  • “Ocala’s Miniature Train World,” November 1997
  • “The Bear Facts: Fuzzy Fellows may visit your back door”, September 1997
  • “From Deer to Bass, Jim McFarland shows how to stuff ‘em,” September 1997
  • “King of Free Throws”, August 1997
  • “Eight Ways to Beat the Heat”, July 1997
  • “Horsemanship for the Young at Heart,” June 1997
  • Dr. Galat: From Ocala to the Heart of China, April 1997
  • “Evaluating Raw Talent is the Job of Ocala’s Ket Barber, N.Y. Yankee Scout,” March 1997
  • “Biofeedback: A High-Tech Bladder Control Remedy That Works,” February 1997
  • “Relive drag racing history with Ocala’s Big Daddy Don,” January 1997
  •  “Sugar Cane Syrup” Profile of Hale Stancil, Circuit  Judge January 1998
  • “For Judy Maglio, doing for other s is a way of life” May 1997
  • “Square Dances always have a home” May 1997
  • “Storytelling: Keeping the Past Alive” April 1997

Religious Markets

  • “Make Your House a Helping House”  Mature Living 10/1987
  • “Doing Unto Others” A Path to Self-Esteem” Living with Singles
  • “Mommy, tell me what God is like” Marriage and Family Living, February 1988

Columns: Regional newspapers

  • Ocala Star-Banner- a Division of the New York Times, Marion Oaks Mirror (From 1988 -1992)
  • The Color Gold: A Perspective of Aging
  • “You’re never too old to begin your youth”
  • “That Brilliant sun has an insidious dark side (on skin cancer)
  • “What’s the big deal on all that Cholesterol?”
  • “’Look Good, Feel Better’ spurs feeling of self-worth”
  • “Be ready for weather emergencies”
  • “Winterizing Your Bones is easy but vital”
  • Practice Safe Sun Exposure
  • Women, Children, and AIDS
    “AIDS: A Plague of the 1990s”
  • “Hairloss is not Sexist”
  • “An Uphill Battle: Varicose Veins”
    Be Alert to Changes in Skin that Could Portend Tragedy”
  • “Am I too old to learn?”
  • “Sole Seaching: How to Have Happy Feet”
  • “Family Member should learn to perform CPR”
  • “Fireworks: Playing With Fire”
  • “Prime Time Aging: Take this Quiz”
  • “Five Points of Positive Aging”
  • “Don’t Talk Yourself into Going Downhill”
  • “War of the Noses: Cold and Flu”
  • “The Long Farewell: Alzheimer’s Disease”
  • “Eschewing the Fat:10 Ways”
  • “Urinary Incontinence: Secret No More”
  • “Stay on Your Feet for a Lifetime of Good Health”
  • “Heartburn not as Simple as it may seem”
  • “Quackery: Snake oil has gone ‘high tech’
  • “Bell’s Palsy: When a Patient has half a face”
  • “Florida not kind to allergy victims”
  • “Florida: Land of Year-round Sneezing”
  • “Best Holiday Gift is Hope”
  • “Humor: A Serious Topic for Older Adults”
  • “Travel Healthy, Wealth, and Wise”
  • “Gallstones: The Misunderstood Pain”
  • “Women of the high Side of 60: The Best is yet to be”
  • “Food Safety and pesticides: Hazard or Hype”
  • “Polio, an Accident, and laughter: Life takes strange twists”
  • “Learning to Talk With Not At Your Friends”
  • “Mentioning the Unmentionable: Men’s Health Problems”
  • “New Year’s Resolution: Listen”
  • “Humor: Good News for Christmas Blues”
  • “Shingles: Hidden Invaders”
  • “Tis the Season to be Wary: Food Safety”
  • “How to Avoid the Sting”

Radio Programs

HealthBeat Produced University of Florida Shands Teaching Hospital 2007

  • “Mental Illness and Family-to-family”
  • “Boutique Medicine”
  • “Pickwickian syndrome”
  • “Toxoplasmosis”
  • “Digital Kids”
  • Florida Living
  • “Beware Skin Cancer” August 1987
  • “Santa’s Florida Forest” December 1986

Children’s Market

Current Health 2 - grades 7-12

  • “Eco-Helpers: Success Stories” November 1995
  • “Mosquitoes: High on Your Hit List” May 1995
  • “Get Involved in Protecting Your Paradise” May 1995
    “Radon: The Seeping Home Invader” February 1995
  • “The Top-five Air Pollutants”  September 1994

Current Health 1 - Grades 4-6

  • “No Exotic Pets, Please”  February 1997
  • “The Ozone Eaters” September 1996
  • “Beware When you Bug Off” May 1996
  • “Tree and Me” March 1996
    “Cool Things from the Hot Jungle” January 1996
  • “Air Care: Saving Our Skies” November 1994
  • “Radiation: Invisible Bullets” December 1986
  • “Welcome to Mount Trashmore”  January 1986


“Sex Education Without Fear”, Science Scope, September 1983

On-line and on-site courses

Pearson NIIT for ITT Tech

  • Public Policy
  • Social Psychology
  • Ethics
  • SME Molecular Biology of Gene


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