I have been a member of the Phi Delta Kappa’s Speaker’s Bureau since 1985 and have spoken in 30 states including Canada. I also speak on topics related to my books. I was the keynote speaker to the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) in Buffalo, NY and conference leader at the Winter Health Conference, University of Wisconsin, Superior.
My topics:
Humor: Therapy for the Soul and Body
This is one of my most popular presentations. I have given it 100 times adapting it diverse audiences, such as educators and support groups such as Pain and Post-polio syndrome groups. It is light and interactive.
Memory Enhancement for Educators
This presentation has been adapted to many group to educator’s audiences and to support groups with specific conditions such as chronic pain and Post-polio Syndrome.
Wacky World of School Law:
An interactive presentation based on my book Legal Basics for Educators; current trends in school law and what educators should know.
Religion in the Classroom:
A presentation looking at the many questions that arise from diverse religious groups in the school. Presented at the Education Law Association meeting in San Diego, November 2007.
The Wacky World of Politics and Education:
This presentation focuses on understanding that educators are in the game of politics- whether they want to be or not.
Obesity: An Expanding Epidemic
Based on my book Obesity, this presentation is both medical and practical about the present epidemic of obesity.
Coping with Schizophrenia
From my book of the same title, presented at National Alliance for Mental Illness, Buffalo.
I am available to speak on any of the topics covered in my books.
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